Friday, January 29, 2010

In Brooklyn, an Elvis Presley-themed barbershop and tattoo parlor. Yay!

This is pretty neato!
Elvis never leaves Brooklyn barbershop where clients can't help falling in love with King's haircut.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mis-spelled Tattoos. So funny. Sad but funny.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kristin Gunn & Southside Tattoo in new TX DMV commercial airing now.

MOVE Magazine Article - Black Cat Tattoo Aftercare

Our fearless leader Kristin Gunn is on the cover and inside the new MOVE Magazine. This is a great issue because it also features Austinites 666 Photography. You can see the magazine online here.

Super-fast healing, which is high on my priority list since I'm diabetic...

Hey! Just wanted to let you know (albeit late) that I love your products! Super-fast healing, which is high on my priority list since I'm diabetic (having an open wound with little immune system is something I have to be really careful with). I just ordered more salve and lotion since I'm starting a shin/calf sleeve Tuesday and will definitely need it. Attached is a close-up of my sparrows. Thanks for the great products!

- D DuTremble

Thanks David! We appreicate the feedback and pic. Your tattoo looks rad! xo

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's the deal with Tea Tree oil and Tattoo Healing?

We feel that tea tree oil and citrus balms may slow the healing process of a new tattoo, causing dryness, scabbing, etc. these items are too harsh and drying for the new "baby" skin that is trying to form, therefore we don't recommend them for use during the healing process. We sell thousands of tattoo aftercare products per week and have happy customers.

Petroleum based products generally clog skin pores which would not allow the tattoo to "breathe" and heal naturally. Normal reactioons from petroleum based products or over application of balms, salves or ointments is a collection of tiny pimples around the tattoo.

We put no color or artificial scent in our healing salve. Both of these unnecessary ingredients can have adverse reactions.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Stoooopid. Tattooing the whites of your eyes?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Black Cat Tattoo Aftercare's Kristin Gunn on new cd cover

Nick Curran and the Lowlifes cd... Buy it!

Black Cat Tattoo Aftercare is the bomb...


"Black Cat is the bomb, no other product on the market heals tattoos as quickly and easily as this product, this is why i sell the stuff at my shop and why i recommend to everybody i know, i have tried all the other crap out there from tattoo goo to h2 ocean to everything else and nothing beats Black Cat period!!"

Maxim Knite
Tattoos by Maxim

Thanks Maxim! we appreciate your feedback! xxoo

Friday, January 8, 2010

We loves us some Raquel Stoner & Stacey Allbritton!

This is seriously the best aftercare stuff I've used. Aides in healing and keeps swelling and itching to a minimum!
Thanks! Raquel! xxoo
Raquel A. Sbragia Stoner 

Yes, your products rock. I love the rosemary in the salve so much sometimes I just wear it to smell good.

Thanks Stacey!
Stacey Harrill Allbritton

We like seeing these reviews. Yussss we do.

Great review! From Skull and Rose Tattoo...thanks Ms. Farinas!

For my first tattoo I used a different brand that was recommended by a lot of people, which I ended up having an allergic reaction to. Not a fun experience. 

For the rest of the healing time on that one, and on my next tattoo (which was significantly larger) I used the entire Black Cat Tattoo Aftercare line (lotion, salve, and soap). 

The salve is amazing. It’s easy to put on and does NOT stay greasy! It will not make your color run or give you any irritation. Just make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients (they are listed on Black Cat’s website). 

I would definitely recommend getting the entire aftercare line. I will never use anything else on my tattoos, unless something changes with Black Cat’s ingredients. Rating: 5 / 5